Why did 1Rod1Reel leave the Googan Squad?

The Googan Squad’s 1Rod1Reel left the group because he was given an ultimatum, however, he returned in 2019 after the squad reached a resolution on the matter.

The Googan Squad is a group of content creators that specifically post fishing content, whether it be a vlog, product review or a sit-down video speaking about fishing. The original formation of the group consisted of Robert Terkla, Jonathan Barzacchini, Michael Hsiao, Andrew Flair and Alex Peric, each with their unique nickname, including LunkersTV, Jon B., 1Rod1Reel, Andrew Flair Fishing and Apbassing, respectively.

In 2018, Googan became a company which sells and makes high quality and well-designed soft baits. The company created a niche and staunch customer base through the use of the Googan Squad to promote its products, with the 1Rod1ReelFishing YouTube page currently amassing over eight million subscribers. During the formal enlisting of the squad by the company, 1Rod1Reel had initially left the squad.

In October 2019, the squad officially welcomed him back with a YouTube video that spoke on the reason for his initial exit. They explained that the biggest reason for 1Rod1Reel’s departure was an ultimatum which was placed. Due to the squad becoming a commercial entity, they had believed in formalising their formation. This meant that all the members would live in a house together, and 1Rod1Reel was initially reluctant about the move.

Due to his stance, they placed an ultimatum that if he did not agree to the communal living, then he could not be part of the squad anymore – an ultimatum he decided to honour. However, the recognition of his contribution to the team resulted in his re-enlistment, as the squad reunited and reconciled their past differences. Now, 1Rod1Reel is back as an official member of the Googan Squad.