Why did 702 break up?

1990s girl group, 702 broke up because the lead vocalist, Kameelah Williams left the group due to the pressure of allegedly being brought in to “up” the vocals.

For anyone who loved 1990s girl groups, 702 is probably a recognisable name. The group initially consisted of five members, including Kameelah Williams, Orish, LeMisha and Irish Grinstead, along with Cree and Amelia Childs. The name of the girl group was derived from the area code they were from in Nevada, Las Vegas. They gained mainstream success with a number of their singles during the 1990s.

In 1996, their single, Steelo, went gold. The single was produced by Missy Elliott, who would go on to produce their women empowerment anthems and the group’s most iconic song, Where My Girls At. A fact about the single was that Elliott had initially written the song for TLC. However, they did not want the song, so it fell on 702’s lap. Following the release of their third album, the group broke up, and by the early 2000s, they had all but disappeared from the music scene.

Following their breakup, none of the group members discussed the reason for their breakup. However, in the 2010s, as the former members of the group attempted to revive their mainstream musical careers, other members began to reveal the reason for the breakup, the biggest of which was internal group animosity which was targeted at Williams. She revealed that following being brought in to improve the vocals as the new lead singer, animosity brewed.

Williams was quoted as saying, “We had been off the scene for three or four years and I just felt like the setup wasn’t enough for what we deserved. But…I stuck around for a minute. Maybe another year. But it was like, dry. There was no touring. Finally I was like, I gotta go. I had a conversation with the girls and it was all good. They knew I was unhappy and we had to part ways.”