Why did Abby die in Five Feet Apart?

Abby’s death in Five Feet Apart was to advance the storyline, particularly that of Stella’s, as she was the opposite in personality from her carefree sister.


The 2019 romantic drama, Five Feet Apart, told the story of two teenage star-crossed lovers, who battled with cystic fibrosis and faced the journey together.

Haley Lu Richardson played the lead character, Stella, and her older sister, Abby is played by actress, Sophia Bernard.

What is the contrast between Stella and Abby?

Stella and Abby were written as polar opposites, both in the book and the film. Stella was the pedantic younger sister, due to her terminal illness and her desire to live as long as possible. While Abby, was the carefree sister who sought out adventure everywhere.

Why did Abby die in the story?

The simple answer to the question is that Abby’s death served to push the story forward. Considering that Stella was finding love and finally taking risks, her sister’s death propelled the story forward. After her sister died, Stella needed to decide if she wanted to revert back or continue living life to the fullest while she was still alive to do so. Without Abby’s death, Stella would not be able to confront this question, propelling the story forward.

How did Abby die in Five Feet Apart?

In the book of the same name by Rachael Lippincott, Abby’s death takes place in Chapter eleven. Abby’s death matches how she lived her life. This is as she died in a cliff diving accident. During her dive, Abby plummeted down, crashing into the water, which resulted in her spine breaking. Unable to call out for help, she drowned in the water.


Much like The Fault in Our Stars, Five Feet Apart followed the lives of two teenagers who faced love and life with a terminal illness, just with a bigger ensemble cast.

One of the beloved characters is the supporting role of Sophie Bernard as Abby, whose death in the story propels her sister’s character arc further.