Why did Addy leave Z Nation?

Addy did not leave Z Nation, she was, however written out due to other working obligations, but she returned for the fifth and final season in 2018.


Z Nation was one of the most popular post-apocalypse series of the 2010s, with a strong female presence throughout its five seasons, from 2014 until 2018.

Season four of the show almost put that in question, when three of their female leads were written out of the remainder of the season, only for some to return in season five.

Which Z Nation female leads disappeared in season four?

Season four of Z Nation saw three female leads in total disappear from the world of the story. First it was the killing off of Lucy. Thereafter, characters Addy and Red were also written off of the tail end of the season, which brought on speculation on whether the actresses were fired.

Was Anastasia Baranova fired from Z Nation?

After Anastasia Baranova’s character, Addison “Addy” Carver was written out of the series, speculations were rife. The fans were curious, as they speculated that Baranova had stepped away from the role due to contractual disputes. This narrative would loom over the show, until it was confirmed that she would resume her role for what would be the series finale of Z Nation.  Which she did return for as the production had asserted.

What did Anastasia Baranova do during Z Nation break?

While the matter of Baranova and her contractual dispute with the creators of Z Nation was never confirmed, in the time that she was not working on the show, she did work on other productions. In 2017, going into the next year, Baranova worked on Syn and another television series titled Madam Secretary, ahead of reprising her role as Addy in season five.


Ahead of the series finale, Z Nation was accused of pushing the male agenda with the absence of its female lead characters, which was why the show was well-received in the first place.

However, it did manage to rectify the gap with the final season, which saw beloved characters like Addy return.