Why did Adopt Me! get banned on TikTok?

Adopt Me! is a large-scale multi-player game from Roblox, which was briefly banned by TikTok for an unknown reason, with many players assuming it was a glitch.

Adopt Me! is a multi-player game from the gaming franchise, Robolox, which gained popularity in January 2021. The original focus was a role-play concept where players pretended to be either parents adopting a child, or children being adopted. In 2021, the game was developed further and made to focus on adopting and caring for a variety of different virtual pets, which can be traded with other players.

Players often share their adventures on TikTok, much like games such as Among Us and MineCraft, ultimately attracting an audience to follow their gaming journey. In early March 2021, users were prohibited from sharing videos involving Adopt Me! on TikTok, as the game was temporarily banned. Shortly thereafter, the ban was lifted, which allowed both Roblox and TikTok to avoid issuing any statement. Players shared their personal assumptions about what had happened on YouTube, with many speculating that it was a glitch.