Why did A&E cancel Live PD?

A&E allegedly cancelled flagship show, Live PD, after it was reported that the show allegedly deleted footage of an on-camera death of a police brutality victim.


Live PD was one of A&E’s flagship shows, and what was initially thought of as a production break, turned out to be a cancellation in 2020, following a four-season run.

A cancellation that arguably followed the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement and the 2020 George Floyd protests, with its police brutality scandal becoming the final nail in the coffin.

Why did Live PD become problematic?

According to IMDb, the show takes, “A live look inside the everyday calls of police officers across the nation.” In light of the 2020 protests in the wake of the passing of George Floyd and the BLM movement, the tone of the show began to garner negative attention.

Why did Live PD get pulled off air?

Initially, when the unrest and protests took on a national wave, A&E pulled the show from the channel in order to mitigate the sensitivity of the socio-political climate at the time, with However, the first announcement suggesting that the show would return in time after the country had moved on from the protests and unrest. The host, Dan Abrams also confirmed the imminent return of the show via his social media during this period.

Why did Live PD get cancelled?

In July 2020, it was then confirmed that the show was permanently cancelled. The reason for this being based on reports that the production team allegedly deleted footage which saw police officers kill a victim, through the force of police brutality. The man in question was 40-year-old Javier Ambler. He was allegedly tased multiple times as he begged for his life, only to later die. The broadcaster later confirmed that the Live PD producers did in fact delete the footage of his arrest, as it was reportedly no longer needed.


Live PD was initially meant to return after the socio-political climate of the country had calmed in the wake of the BLM unrest.

However, when news of the show deleting footage showcasing police brutality broke, it was permanently cancelled after four seasons.