Why did Alex Webb leave Barnwood Builders?

Alex Webb announced his departure from Barnwood Builders in the final episode of season 11, stating that he decided to leave to expand his own business.

Barnwood Builders has always impressed fans through the transformations of barns and cabins into modern houses. Over the years, the team has worked together on many memorable transformations. Alex Webb is a talented craftsman known for his dry sense of humor and work ethic. He has been an important part of the team since season three. Webb went on to appear in each of the show’s following seasons until the most recent season 11.

In the final episodes of season 11, it was confirmed that Webb intended to depart from the series. Not long after the finale aired, Webb officially announced his departure from the series through a social media post. He explained that he decided to leave because he is planning on expanding his personal business. He also assured fans that they still would have the chance to follow his work, even though he is no longer part of the Barnwood Builders team.

Webb took to Facebook on 3 May 2021, and stated, “Thank you all for your support! I’m really going to miss that bunch! I am so grateful for every single fan and the wonderful experiences that I have had. I’ll be posting a video on my Facebook page tomorrow to reveal the name of my new shop and how you can continue to follow me! Stay tuned!”

On the same day, he posted a video with the caption, “Welcome to the chop shop!” Webb appears to be focused on building his business from the ground up. He regularly shares photos, videos and updates about the business and the various projects he’s busy with on the company’s Facebook Page.

It is likely that Webb’s position will be filled by someone new, so viewers will have to tune in to the show to find out who will take his place. Despite the position being filled, fans can expect Webb to return for a special episode or make a guest appearance on the show. Webb reportedly left the show on good terms with his team.