Why did Allison leave FOX 5?

Allison Seymour left FOX 5 DC after 21 years, after insisting that the decision was entirely hers and was not made by the broadcaster.


FOX 5 experienced a mass departure of some of its leading broadcasters of colour in 2020, which has led to questions on the reason why.

While the question has not been answered, one of the biggest upsets was the announcement of seasoned broadcaster Allison Seymour’s exit in August 2020.

Is there a correlation between race and FOX 5’s 2020 mass exit?

In 2020, FOX 5 experienced a mass exit of its anchors of colour throughout the various stations of the channel. Whether it was Lauren DeMarco or Juan Williams, each had their reasons for announcing their exit, which they insisted were not related to the station. However, conspiracists could not help but highlight the through-line of the exits.

Why did Allison Seymour leave FOX 5 DC?

When announcing her departure from FOX 5 DC, Allison Seymour stated, “For more than two decades, you have been with me through my marriage, through the birth of my children, my big fiftieth birthday celebration, and the passing of my parents. Well Fox 5 and you, the viewer, you’ve helped me through all of it. Please know that this decision was not an easy one to make, but it was mine and my family’s decision entirely. And in a business where not a lot of people get to say goodbye like this, I am grateful to the leadership here at FOX 5 for giving me this moment.”

When did Allison Seymour leave FOX 5 DC?

Allison Seymour surprised her FOX 5 DC viewers on 7 August 2020, when she announced her immediate exit from the channel. When she made the announcement, Seymour was serving her last day as a FOX 5 DC anchor. Her exit after 21 years, especially as a staple on the channel and the emotions she shared were too much for fans, as they called for her to stay or explain why she is leaving.


If there is a correlation between FOX 5 personalities of colour leaving the channel between 2020 and 2021, they have not been proven yet.

Similar to Allison Seymour’s exit in august 2020, which she attributed to wanting to spend more time with her nuclear family and husband, without alluding to the channel as reason.