Why did Angelina leave Jersey Shore, season one?

After a three-episode appearance that featured her breakup with her boyfriend at the time, who also happened to be married, Angelina Pivarnick left season one of Jersey Shore.


Jersey Shore has created its own brand of celebrities in its four-year run from 2009 until 2012, before it marked its subsequent end.

One such character is that of the self-proclaimed “Kim Kardashian of Staten Island”, Angelina Pivarnick of season one and two, who featured sporadically on the show.

How many seasons was Angelina Pivarnick part of Jersey Shore?

Angelina Pivarnick was part of two seasons of the show. Her first season was a short stint, as she only appeared in three episodes. Thereafter, she would return for season two, which she graced longer, as she was featured in 10 episodes, before another dramatic exit.

Why did Angelina Pivarnick leave Jersey Shore season one?

According to Pivarnick, she left season one of the show due to the end of her relationship that featured on the first season. Pivarnick had a public fight with her boyfriend who was married at the time. Due to her fight with her boyfriend, she skipped out on work and was subsequently fired and kicked out of the Seaside Heights, N.J. beach house

Why did Angelina Pivarnick leave Jersey Shore season two?

Pivarnick would then make her return in season two. She featured in 10 episodes before leaving again in another dramatic exit. An exit which was also attributed to a relationship. Only this time the relationship was with fellow castmate, The Situation, which resulted in an unhappy ending. Her exit was marked with her leaving a pair of shoes behind.


Jersey Shore has made an impression which has lived on since the original series’ run, which was from 2009 until 2012.

One beloved character of the show was Angelina Pivarnick, who intially left in season one, after the demise of her relationship.