Why did Angelina murder Grace?

Grace Stone’s death shocked fans and cast members of Manifest, as only Athena and the showrunner were aware of her death.

Manifest is an American supernatural drama television series that premiered on 24 September 2018. It follows the passengers and crew of a commercial airliner that disappeared and reappeared five years after their presumed deaths.

On 10 June 2021, the season three finale of the show left fans devastated, as Angelina was seen sneaking into Grace Stone’s home to kidnap baby Eden. She wanted to kidnap him to perform a “baptism” ceremony in the bath. Grace unexpectedly came across her, resulting in Angelina stabbing her and leaving her dead on the floor. Cal returned to the presence of his dying mother, whose last wish was for her children to take care of each other. Cal comforted her, saying, “It is okay. I know what we need to do now.”

In an interview with Insider, showrunner, Jeff Rake stated, “This was part of our story, and her significance in Manifest remains as strong as ever.” Adding, “Her character lives on through Cal, through Olive, through baby Eden, and of course through Ben as he tries to carry on without her.”

Although the reason behind Angelina stabbing Grace is still unclear, the fans assume it was because Athena Karkanis, the actress who plays Grace Stone, wanted to leave the show. Athena has yet to release a statement on her departure from Manifest.

While the fans were still recovering from the death of their favourite character on 15 June 2021, NBC announced that it would not be renewing the show for a fourth season. Karkanis took to Instagram on Wednesday, 16 June 2021, and shared a photo of the Manifest plane. She captioned it, “Number one on Netflix! NBC may have let Manifest go, but there is still hope that Netflix will pick it up. Make some noise fans! #SaveManifest.”

Netflix has not yet confirmed whether it will renew Manifest for another season.