Why did Anime Fighters shut down?

Roblox’s Anime Fighters was shut down temporarily due to complaints, with no estimated time of return for the popular simulator.

Anime Fighters Simulator is arguably one of the popular games on Roblox. So, gamers were surprised when they went on the platform in order to play the game, only to find that it was unavailable. The unavailability was surprising, as there was no foreword on the reason for it being taken down. Attempting to quell the worries of the gamers, Roblox released a concise statement on the matter that read:

“Hey everyone! Anime Fighters will be closed for the next while, as we sort out some complaints we have received. We are working hard to get the game back to all of you, and it will be coming soon! We will announce details of the return at a later date.”

While the statement alluded to complaints as the reason, the nature of the complaints were not shared. Moreover, this is not the first time that this unexpected unavailability has occurred. When it previously  become unavailable, it was in order to either rebrand or rework some of the aspects of the gaming experience. This happened in September 2021, before happening again in November 2021.

The company has been emphatic, as it stated, “We want to stress that the game will be coming back. We are working hard and it will be back better than ever.” However, in regards to the estimated time of return for the simulator, no word has been shared as of yet. This is believed to be the reason for the heightened sense of panic, as some players have invested money in the form of Robux in the game.