Why did Annie LeBlanc change her name to Jules LeBlanc?

Annie LeBlanc, who is now officially known as Jules LeBlanc, decided to go by the second derivation of her birth certificate name, Julianna Grace LeBlanc, as of October 2020.

Annie LeBlanc officially changed her name to Jules LeBlanc in October 2020, claiming that the decision was because of her desire to appear more mature to her audience. The media personality claimed to have always been called Annie throughout her childhood, but now that she is older, Jules is more fitting for her 16-year-old self. She gradually introduced the new name to her fans by changing her social media handles.

After being inundated with questions about the sudden change, Annie shared an Instagram Live video in October 2020 where she spoke about her name change to Jules. She stated, “A lot of you may know that I’m starting to go by Jules. My real name is Julianna, so I’m starting to go by Jules. I changed my TikTok and, surprisingly, a lot of people liked it, and I was not ready for it. I feel like for some reason, people are mad that I’m doing it.”

She went on to explain that her YouTube and Twitter accounts will remain as Annie, with the hopes that everyone will begin to realise the change and be accepting of her new name. Since then, Annie has been exclusively called Jules on all public platforms, and has quickly integrated her life with her new name change and mature personality, which her fans have taken a liking to. With 9.2 million followers on her Instagram page, fans have also gotten used to referring to her as Jules, along with the friends and family who occasionally appear in her live videos.