Why did Bellamy leave ‘The 100’?

The actor chose to take time off before the production of the seventh and final season.

In true post-apocalyptic style, The 100 science fiction drama series follows a group of survivors who are on a quest to return to earth. This follows a destructive nuclear apocalypse. The series first aired in March 2014 and concluded its seventh and final season in September 2020. One of the main criminal adolescents of the group, Bellamy Blake, however, does not feature in most of season seven, and fans have questioned why.

After its one hundredth and final episode, the season ended at the “right time”. Showrunner of the show, Jason Rothenberg, explained that Bellamy’s absence would be felt in the final season of the show. In the opening episode of the season, the character, who is played by Bob Morley, is captured. The reason behind the capture is that Morley wanted some time away from the series.

“Bob chose to take some time off this season, and I think, speaking for him, that he was grateful that the studio was able to work out – and that the writers obviously were able to work out – a storyline in a way that enabled him to do that,” Jason explained. Luckily, for the writers and everyone working on the show, there was enough time to change the storyline and find something fitting for his departure.

This was the second time that Bellamy had “died” on the show. The first death was caused by a bomb that went off. He was presumed dead by his friends on the show and viewers at home. A few episodes later, he was back on the show and it was revealed that he fell through a wormhole. The actor has not commented on his departure yet but, based on what Jason had to say, it was an amicable departure.