Why did Bunk’d change to Summer Camp?

Bunk’d is a Disney Channel live action series which is a spin-off of the widely popular show, Jessie, and is set at a summer camp in Maine.

Bunk’d is the longest-running Disney Channel series, having premiered its fifth season in February 2020.

The series began as a spin-off of Jessie, and saw the Ross children being sent to a summer camp in Maine, where they got up to far more mischief than they did in New York City with their nanny, Jessie.

The fictitious summer camp is called Camp Kikiwaka, and is set near the town of Moose Rump, where the Ross parents met as teenagers.

The name of the series has sparked confusion amongst viewers, as the terms summer camp and Camp Kikiwaka appear frequently in the show.

Some viewers believe that Bunk’d wasn’t the most suitable name for the show, as the only correlation it had to the plot was the bunk beds in the cabins.

There is no other show on the Disney Channel called Summer Camp, and the show maintains its title as Bunk’d for its fifth season onwards.