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Why did Cisco and Caitlin leave The Flash?

The Flash star, Danielle Panabaker teased a heart-breaking season seven, as it will be the last time that the trio; Barry, Cisco and Caitlin, will share the screen together.

The seventh season of American television series, The Flash, premiered on 2 March 2021. The series is based on the DC Comics of the same name. The premiere saw Barry Allen facing what may be his greatest challenge without two of the most valued members of Team Flash; Caitlin Snow, played by Danielle Panabaker, and Cisco Ramon, played by Carlos Valdes.

Panabaker joined The Flash as a recurring cast member in October 2014. Ramon worked along with Dr. Snow to help Allen with his superpowers. It is later revealed that Ramon has metahuman powers of his own and takes on the name, Vibe.

From the beginning, Caitlin and Cisco have been there to guide Allen on the journey as The Flash. They have helped him master and control his speed using their vast knowledge and scientific skills. Despite being valued scientific colleagues, the two soon become Barry’s closest friends and trusted advisors, guiding him through the emotional challenges of being The Flash.

In season six, fans witnessed Cisco leaving Star Labs to prompt changes and potential dangers brought by the creation of Earth-Prime. One of the dangers is a new version of their nemesis, Dr. Light, who injured Caitlin to the extent that she was taken away by her mother to treat her injuries. While the plan for Caitlin was to be away on an extended recovery, a decision was made to accommodate Panabaker’s pregnancy. Due to the pandemic, there was a delay in production, which made it possible for her to return to Team Flash earlier than expected.

Cisco was not present in the season six finale, as he had made his way to Atlanta in search of materials. His absence sparked rumors that actor, Carlos Valdes would be leaving the show, however, producers have debunked those rumors and reassured fans that Cisco Ramon will be an integral part of season seven.

In a recent Entertainment Weekly interview, Carlos stated, “At the end of the day, mental health is important… And so, for me to step away from the show, it’s a way of me taking care of myself.”  Fans can assume that the actor will not return for season eight.


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