Why did Clarke kill Bellamy?

Bellamy has been killed off the show before, but the second time around, Clarke made sure that he would not be making a return.

The 100 is nothing far from the post-apocalyptic science fiction drama that it is, with characters being killed and others surviving longer than expected. One character that has gone the extra mile and was killed twice is Bellamy Blake. However, he could not cheat death twice, as Bob Morley’s character only made it onto the first episode of the season finale.

The first time he was presumed dead was when a bomb went off and he was absent for most of the season. It was later revealed that he fell through a wormhole, and the time that he spent away was the time that he tried to find his way back. The second and final time he was killed off was by a gun shot from Clarke.

Clarke killed Bellamy because she wanted to save her daughter, Madi. Bellamy almost sold Madi out, but Clarke stopped him before that could happen. The reason why Bellamy wanted to do this was that he changed during the time he spent trying to get back. One of the most immediate things that he did when he got back from the other planet was sell out his friends.

Bob subsequently took to his Instagram page to bid farewell to his character, and to thank all the people he has been working with. “Well, what a wild and life-changing ride it has been. I am deeply grateful to all that have been involved in this production over seven long years. I’d like to thank the crew, cast, writers, production office, casting, Vancouver, CW and WB. And I want to thank the fans that have gone along this journey with all of us. I have forged memories on and off set, and at conventions that will burn brightly for the rest of my life. Farewell Bellamy, it’s time for the big sleep, rest easy. You are finally free,” he captioned his photo