Why did Crainer leave SSundee?

Crainer and SSundee decided to stop collaborating on videos due to the time difference between their countries, however, they reportedly still maintain a friendship.

Benjamin Dreyer Vestergård, popularly known as Crainer, is a Danish child-friendly gaming YouTube content creator with over 2.2 million subscribers. Crainer began his digital content creation career on Twitch by hosting streams in 2011. Three years later, he transitioned to YouTube, which marked the beginning of a very successful career and multiple collaborations.

When he started on YouTube, Crainer began collaborating with Lanceypooh, just before she stopped streaming on Twitch and switched to YouTube in 2013. Therefore, it served as no surprise that when Crainer made his own transition in 2014, Lanceypooh helped him. The two would later that year include RippedRick in their collaborations and were collectively dubbed the Rascals.

However, their YouTube collaborations were short-lived, as alleged animosity between Lanceypooh and Crainer resulted in them splitting. It would be almost seven years before they would make amends. Following his split from the Rascals, Crainer went on to collaborate with his most memorable and currently his longest YouTube collaborator, SSundee. The two began working together in 2014, shortly after his Rascals departure.

Crainer and SSundee were an unlikely pair, considering that SSundee was established with over three million subscribers on his channel. Crainer, at the time, had just over 30 000 subscribers. They were most popular for SkyFactory, which was their Minecraft created series. They worked together for four years. In that time, Crainer managed to boost his subscribers to over a million.

In 2019, they stopped collaborating. Initially, it was believed that the split was a result of bad blood. However, SSundee shut those speculations down by first affirming that he and Crainer are still friends. Secondly, that the reason they do not collaborate on videos anymore is due to the six-hour time difference between the United States, where he lives, and Crainer’s home country of Denmark. Crainer has since began working with Jelly and Slogo, and together, they have an avid following.