Why did Daequan and Hamlinz leave TSM?

Daequan and Hamlinz left TMS due to personal reasons, but have since made a comeback on YouTube, initiating the YouTube content hub series, NGR’s Thoom House.

Daequan Loco and Darryl “Hamlinz” Hamlin were two popular streamers behind the popular platform, TSM. The third member and inspiration behind the name of their channel was TSM Myth. The trio marked the height of their joint success in 2019, as they were amongst the most notable streamers at the time. However, that year also marked the end of the trio’s formation. This is as Daequan and Hamlinz ended TSM and confirmed that they were taking a social media sabbatical.

Reasons for the decision to take time off from producing content were not given in 2019. However, the answers began to emerge in February 2020, as Daequan was interviewed and shared the reason for his disappearance. He explained that the driving motivation for his sabbatical were health-related. When he first took the sabbatical, it was due to his girlfriend suffering from health issues which he did not go into detail about. His decision to step back was in order to focus on helping her get better.

Unfortunately, as his girlfriend was on the mend, Daequan would also suffer his own undisclosed health issues, which extended his sabbatical. Hamlinz’ disappearance, on other hand, was for a different reason. However, it is still grave. Hamlinz lost a family member who was close to him. Seemingly, his sabbatical was in order to focus on his mental health. It would take yet another year until the two would make their official return to content creation and social media.

On Monday, 23 August 2021, a Twitter user circulated a picture showcasing missing persons posters with the two faces on it. Thereafter, Twitter users questioned whether the posting of the images suggested that they were readying a comeback. On Thursday, 26 August 2021, the duo made a surprise return on YouTube, with their first video announcing the start of their content hub, NRG’s The Thoom House. The duo will publish a new episode every Thursday.