Why did Daniel ‘Dan’ Espinoza, a central character in Lucifer, die?

Netflix series, Lucifer, kills off Dan in an unexpected plot twist in the finale of season five, part two, for two big reasons.

Daniel Espinoza, commonly known as Dan, was one of the main characters in the Netflix series, Lucifer. Dan worked at the LAPD in Los Angeles as a homicide detective. His path crossed with Lucifer when he decided to help the LAPD solve cases.

In season 5B episode 15, “Is This Really How It’s Going to End”, Dan is killed by French mercenaries while investigating a case. The mercenaries were hired by Michael, in order to assemble the Flaming Sword.

Dan visited a potential victim to warn her of the French mercenaries. The lady gave Dan clear signs that she was being held hostage in her home. He was busy calling for backup when he was kidnapped by the mercenaries. Dan managed to kill one of the guards, but before he was able to escape, he was shot multiple times by another mercenary. Shortly after, Chloe found Dan, who managed to fight for his life to say goodbye to her. Before dying in her arms, he warned her that it was all about Caleb Mayfield.

Amenadiel found out that Dan was in hell due to all the guilt about his actions on earth. All the characters were shocked by Dan’s death, including Lucifer. Not long after, Lucifer and Maze hunted Dan’s kidnappers down and managed to kill them all, except for the man who killed Dan.

Lucifer’s co-showrunner, Joe Henderson revealed the real reasons behind why Dan needed to die. He stated that Chloe needed to feel guilty and that they wanted Lucifer to feel anger and pain. Dan’s death inspired Lucifer to see himself as God in the future. Although Lucifer never admitted it, he considered Dan as one of his closest mortal friends.

Fans can expect repercussions of Dan’s death when season six of Lucifer premieres on Netflix at the end of 2021.