Why did Daz and Soheila break up?

Daz Black and Soheila Clifford have never directly commented on their breakup, instead, they indicated the end of their relationship by removing one another off each other’s social media pages.

Daz Black is a well-known British YouTuber who is largely popular for his gaming videos. In 2019, he began dating British singer, Sohelia Clifford, who is mostly recognised for her participation on season two of Britain’s Got Talent.

The couple made their relationship public from the onset, with Daz featuring Soheila in many of his YouTube videos. This was until May 2020, when Daz shared the last video with his girlfriend.

He explained that they were living together during the lockdown and were finding ways to keep themselves entertained.

Shortly after, both Daz Black and Soheila Clifford removed all images of one another from their Instagram pages, leading fans to believe that they had broken up.

Neither of them commented on their speculated breakup, which prompted rumours on social media.

Daz had consistently posted images of his best friend, Vania Fernandes, who many have identified as the person that was possibly responsible for the breakup.

What are Daz and Soheila up to now?

As of January 2024, it has been verified that Daz and Soheila have moved forward with their individual lives.

Daz shared the news of his engagement on May 28, 2023, via his Instagram page. While he chose not to reveal the identity of the woman who captured his heart, it is confirmed that it is not Vania Fernandes.

On July 23, 2023, Soheila also made an announcement about her engagement to Hugo Mitson, referring to him as “my best friend, my love, my darling, my absolute world.”