Why did DDG quit YouTube?

DDG has previously teased the idea of him quitting YouTube, but fans didn’t think he was being serious, as he deleted all of his vlogging videos.

On Tuesday, 15 June 2021, rapper, DDG announced that he will be quitting YouTube in a video titled, “I retire.” He then tweeted the same message and shortly after, the hashtag, #DDGQuit began trending as fans were heartbroken about him leaving the platform.

The news came a few days after he won against Nate Wyatt in a YouTube vs TikTok battle, which was one of the biggest events on social media. In the end, YouTube content creators came out as winners. Even though DDG scored a win, he still decided to quit being a YouTuber.

In the aforementioned video, DDG, real name Darryl Dwayne GranBerry Jr, revealed that he wanted to focus on his music career. He stated, “I feel like I gave so much to this YouTube. I have been doing this for six years. It was all my life. I want some type of mystery to my life. You know what I mean? You got to know me for six years, we got to know each other. You know my family at this point. You know where I am from, what college I went to. Everything is documented. That’s the good part of you knowing me.” Adding, “But for the new people who discover me, I only want them to know my music. I want to be more closed off. I want to be more mysterious. I want to focus strictly on being an artist.”

The rapper has teased quitting YouTube in the past, but continued to create video content and seemed dedicated to growing his subscribers. However, his fans are led to believe that he is serious about quitting this time around, as he has deleted all of the vlogging videos on his YouTube channel. All that remain on his channel currently are official audio and music videos. He currently has over two million subscribers on his channel, but reportedly lost subscribers after posting his retirement video.