Why did Donkmaster go to prison?

Donkmaster, real name Sage Thomas, is the lead in the television series of the same name, and was arrested in 2018 for possession of narcotics.

Donkmaster is a television show that sees Sage Thomas going through different neighbourhoods across America for all-out street races, with cars that have been revamped to include artwork and other enhancements.

The series gained Sage significant popularity, and has led to fans referring to him as the original Donkmaster.

In 2018, Sage was embroiled in a drug bust which saw him, and several of his friends, being caught in possession of narcotics.

The group had been suspected of drug trafficking for many years, however, they were caught red-handed in 2018. Sage was sentenced to two years in prison and began documenting his journey on his YouTube channel.

The television star also organised a last race before prison, which led into the next season of his show. The following season continued to showcase street races from across the country.

Donkmaster was released from federal prison in June 2020 and, once again, documented his journey back into freedom on his YouTube page.