Why did Drake leave The Squad?

Drake is one of the four main characters in The Squad, a fictional group created by Alex Teran, who is better known by her online persona, InquisitorMaster.

Drake’s disappearance from The Squad in November 2020 has caused pandemonium amongst the InquisitorMaster’s fans, as many have begun to draw their own conclusions about what happened to him.

Drake is one of the ten main characters of The Squad, and one of the four main characters to appear in the first and every episode of season one of The Squad.

Drake has a twin brother named Zach, and he is speculated to be dating one of the other members known as Jade.

Since his last appearance in November 2020, creator, Alex Teran, has not addressed his whereabouts, however, some fans believe that he could have left to pursue his relationship with Jade.

According to the official InquisitorMastor fandom page, there are many rumours about Drake and his whereabouts. The most common rumours are that he is taking care of his grandmother, continuing college, or he is making his own channel.

However, none of these have been confirmed and are all just rumours at this point in time.

The Squad is credited to the creativity of Alex, who goes under the pseudonym InquisitorMaster.

To showcase her talents on YouTube, Alex created virtual games and episodes with The Squad, which consists of her aliases; Jaxx, Alex, Jade, Drake, Light, Zach, and Charli.

The online gaming community has taken an active interest in each character, and has created storylines beyond the episodes, as a way to make them more realistic.

Drake’s departure from the channel sparked uproar amongst the InquisitorMaster’s fans, as they have continued to pester her for an answer about where he is.

It is unclear if Alex is still the person behind Drake’s online persona, or whether it has been taken over by a fellow creator.