Why did Dundee get banned?

Why was Whippy Dundee banned from NoPixel for a period of three days, and what did he have to say about the recent event and his previous bans?


In the Twitch community of gaming streaming, it’s all fun and games until something happens, leading to a streamer getting banned from the platform, either permanently or temporarily for reasons Twitch deems as valid and justifiable. This is why a lot of streamers have found themselves getting banned.

The latest Twitch streamer to get banned is NoPixel’s Whippy, who role-plays the character of Irwin Dundee. The Australian streamer made the announcement on his Twitter himself confirming that he had been banned from NoPixel for three days, leading people and the NoPixel fans to wonder why this has occurred.

Dundee gets banned

Australian Twitch streamer, Whippy, also known as Whippy Dundee has been banned from NoPixel for a three-day duration. Whippy announced the news himself on his Twitter account on 22 January 2022, confirming that he had been banned from NoPixel for three days.

He also expressed that he was upset and emotional about the ban, stating that he was feeling very down and feeling like a failure because he felt that his character of Dundee was no longer working on NoPixel. The streamer did not want to go into detail for the reason behind his ban.

Why did Dundee get banned?

With Whippy’s recent ban, not much is known on the reasons why the streamer has been restricted from NoPixel. This is, however, not the first time that he has been banned. The same thing happened two years ago, after he got a bit angry when a player randomly death matched him twice.

Whippy took to his Twitter account when the incident occurred to confirm that he had officially been banned for the first time, for a period of three days whereby he acknowledged his behaviour as being the reason for his ban.

Although this latest ban came with no explanation from Whippy, he was clearly very upset about it, expressing that he feels every move he is making is being frowned upon and that it feels like nobody likes him. He did, however, wish to make it clear that he respected the decision of NoPixel’s staff.

What is the inspiration behind the Irwin Dundee NoPixel character?

The inspiration behind the Irwin Dundee character is taken from a real-life encounter Whippy had while he was getting fuel for his car.

He was approached by an Australian man who was on drugs, who rreportedly begged Whippy for a ride home and claimed that he could give him $20 petrol money for the favour.

Whippy declined to help him, resulting in the man becoming very angry and insulting him. Whippy then created the Irwin Dundee character inspired by the encounter he had with the man.

What is Irwin Dundee’s character personality like?

The character is known as a very loud person hooked on drugs. He is very fanatical about thrills and highs, while he is high on MDMA, which he refers to as “Pingas.”

Irwin Dundee is a very proud Australian and displays this through his very thick accent filled with a whole lot of slang.

The character of Irwin Dundee believes the country and the beach are the best places to be, and he spends a lot of his time in these places. Dundee is also a very loyal person, and he is passionate about making people happy.

A background on the character of Irwin Dundee

Irwin Dundee lives in Australia, as he left his wife Brenda following a disagreement they had about raising their son, Thomas. One night, after going to a pub with his brother, Dundee woke up in Los Santos with his last memory being from the club.

Irwin decided to begin a new but unhealthy life in Los Santos, filled with drugs and wild adventures and set out on a mission to change the misconceptions Americans have about Australians. As a result, he spends his time trying to build the reputation of the Australian people in America, with his brother.


The world of online gaming and streaming can be a very thrilling experience for avid gamers, as they engage with each other in a community of shared interests and passions.

However, this can be met with some hurdles and disagreements when streamers get into trouble for certain intolerable behaviours.

When this occurs, streamers can find themselves getting banned from certain spaces and platforms either for a period of time or permanently.

Australian Twitch streamer, Whippy Dundee has recently been banned from NoPixel, for reasons that are unknown with this not being the first time he has found himself banned.