Why did Eddie leave Kickin’ It?

Alex Jones portrayed Eddie Jones on Kickin’ It for the first two seasons, however, he reportedly left the show to take care of his grandmother.

Kickin’ It is an American television series that aired on Disney XD from June 2011 to March 2015. The series follows a karate instructor, played by Jason Earles, at an under-performing martial arts academy, the Bobby Wasabi Martial Arts Academy, along with his five misfit students.

Edward “Eddie” Jones, played by Alex Christian Jones, is perhaps the sweetest and warmest guy of the misfit bunch. He likes to be referred to as the “ladies’ man”, despite having very little luck with girls. The character is super passionate about karate, distinctly more than his teammates. This is partly because his social life is not as vibrant as that of the rest of the group.

Jones is somewhat of a loner and keeps a low profile most of the time. However, he stands out due to his love for karate, devotion to his family and musical talent. Eddie’s mom initially wanted to enrol him at Mrs. King’s Dance Academy, however, he refused to go as his “body did not fit well with Mambo.” Instead, Jones joined the Bobby Wasabi Martial Arts Academy, where he took self-defence and karate lessons.

Fans loved watching him improve his karate skills, hang out with friends, relate with his beloved mother, and try to get girls to notice him. Sadly, Eddie only featured in the first and second season of the show.

There are several rumours circulating about why Alex left the show. One rumour stated that Alex allegedly left the show as he moved to England to take care of his grandmother. Family clearly means a lot to him, so much so that he left a tremendous opportunity in order to be there for them.

Another rumour is that Alex was fired from the show. Apparently, the ratings decreased as the actor was not as flexible as the rest of the cast members. Despite the rumours, it has yet to be confirmed why Alex left Kickin’ It.