Why did Elias Koteas leave Chicago P.D.?

Elias Koteas, who played Detective Alvin Olinsky on Chicago P.D., left the show at the end of season five, after his character was stabbed multiple times by another prisoner.

Elias Koteas’ character, Detective Alvin Olinsky, was one of the integral characters on NBC’s Chicago P.D., and was written out of the storyline in the season five finale. Alvin succumbed to his injuries after being stabbed multiple times by a fellow inmate. Elias shocked fans with his surprising exit, however, in an interview with US Weekly, Executive Producer, Rick Eid, shared that the decision to have Alvin killed off was a hard one to make.

“It was a hard decision because we all really liked it creatively – it just felt like there was honesty to the storytelling that we all got excited about – then came the practical reality of, ‘Wait, he’s one of our favourite characters and one of our favourite actors and favourite people in real life,’” he said. Rick also explained that Elias’ exit was not based on their desire to introduce a new character, but rather, to add an unexpected spin to the storyline that viewers did not see coming.