Why did Erin Barnett and Eden Dally break up?

Erin Barnett and Eden Dally’s tumultuous relationship was captured during the 2018 edition of Love Island Australia, and ultimately ended due to domestic violence accusations.

Erin Barnett and Eden Dally appeared in 2018’s Love Island Australia, where they were announced as the runners-up that season. The two had an intense connection, which saw them having many ups and downs in the public eye. Their relationship sparked intrigue amongst fans, as they were interested in seeing how they would handle different situations, which often ended in a loud argument.

Towards the end of the series, the couple seemed to have settled their differences and committed to leaving the house together. This was until the cameras were no longer around to follow them, causing the intensity of their arguments to escalate. This led to their breakup in mid-2018, which resulted in a public war of words between the exes.

In a YouTube video in September 2018, Erin stated that the reason that she was making a video about their breakup was because Eden had gone onto a local radio station and lied about why their relationship had ended. She explained that the downfall of their relationship began when the show ended, and they were staying at a villa with a chaperon the night before returning to Australia.

She claimed that Eden had gotten completely intoxicated whilst she was trying to sleep because they had an early morning flight. Her non-compliance to what Eden wanted to do angered him and resulted in him becoming aggressive towards her. The incident caused for the chaperon to file an incident report with Love Island Australia, which confirmed the seriousness of the altercation.

Erin also made mention of a time where Eden had threatened to kill the both of them, after she had told him that she wanted to break up with him. After calming down, he drove them to his mother’s house, where she said goodbye to his entire family after they apologised to her for his behaviour.

She claimed that the last incident happened at her house, when Eden was intoxicated yet again, and was becoming aggressive towards her because she wanted to sleep. As she tried to call for help, he continuously tried to take her phone away from her and head-butted her. Eventually, he left the house and their relationship was officially over.

After they publicly confirmed their breakup, other women came forward with proof that Eden had been unfaithful to her on multiple occasions. In an attempt to protect him from embarrassment, Erin told Eden that they would not comment or address the media on the matter, otherwise she would reveal the truth. After his interview with the radio station, Erin claimed that her followers needed to know what had happened, and hoped that women would use her story as an example of knowing when to leave a relationship.