Why did Gavin and Piper break up?

Gavin Magnus and Piper Rockelle’s relationship reportedly ended due to Piper’s mother’s ill feelings about Gavin, which caused friction between the young couple.

Gavin Magnus is a 13-year-old YouTuber and musician who was in a short-lived relationship with fellow YouTube personality, Piper Rockelle, during 2019. The couple flaunted their relationship on all social media platforms, and brought their fans along on their journey together. This led to devastation for many of their fans upon the demise of their relationship. The demise of Gavin and Piper’s relationship reportedly caused immense drama within their families, as Gavin had claimed, in an Instagram Live video, that Piper’s mother, Tiffany, was the reason for their breakup.

He shared that her mother would often cuss at him, causing his own mother to defend him against the middle-aged woman. The drama caused strain on his relationship with Piper, and the pair decided to officially break up in mid-2019.

In November 2019, both Gavin and Piper shared a YouTube video discussing all that ensued between them, and remained firm in blaming Piper’s mother for their breakup. They claimed that she had been controlling their relationship throughout their time together. Gavin also admitted that he still has feelings for Piper, only because she was not the one at fault.