Why did Gemini Official get banned?

Gemini Official is a TikTok star who was banned from the platform in October 2020, after users were disturbed by an inappropriate interaction he had with a minor, which went viral.

Gemini Official’s social media career appears to be over, for the time being, after being banned from TikTok in October 2020. The rising star had garnered over 3.5 million followers on the platform, consisting of fans who took a liking to his comedy videos. This quickly changed when a video of him making sexual advances towards a 15-year-old girl went viral, with some labelling him a predator. The 20-year-old soon began facing backlash from users, as they initiated a petition to have him removed from the platform.

Gemini Official issued a series of apology videos on his page before making it private, claiming to take full responsibility and accountability for his actions. He also expressed that despite what was shown in the video, he had never intended to have an inappropriate relationship with the young girl. He also explained that he had left all forms of communication open with her, reasoning that he wanted to make it easy for her to contact him if she wanted to press charges.

Gemini Official’s apologies were to no avail and, after several pleases from users, TikTok officially banned his account in October 2020.