Why did GFriend disband?

GFriend is believed to have been disbanded following contractual breakdowns, which reportedly resulted in the management company, Source Wave opting not to renew the contract.

In May 2021, fans of the popular K-pop girl group, GFriend, known as Buddy, were shocked to learn that the six-member girl group was disbanding. Consisting of Sowon, Yerin, Eunha, Yuju, SinB and Umji, the members of the girl group all penned letters confirming the end of a six-year music journey together.

Having officially been formalised back in 2015, throughout their tenure, the group released four charting albums. They toured the region through headlining concerts and even hosted a concert in Singapore in 2019. Moreover, they also received multiple best newcomer awards, which further added to why the Buddy fandom was dismayed at the news of the disbandment.

In the official confirmation, Source Wave suggested that the decision was taken under careful consideration. However, they decided to forge ahead and disband the group. This means that the six members will not be performing together anytime soon. However, some members of the group left the Buddy fandom with the hope that they will not stop making music.

Sowon’s confirmation post stated, “Officially, my time with GFriend has ended, but we are not done, so please don’t take it too hard, Buddy.” Moreover, SinB also alluded to an imminent return by writing, “I’ll never forget all of the activities we had and the love from my fans. I will cherish all of the memories with a thankful heart and slowly repay you with my individual activities in the future.”