Why did Grace and Zeus break up?

Grace and Zeus started a couples channel on YouTube which proved highly successful, however, they officially announced their breakup in September 2020, stating that they no longer made each other happy.

Grace Bosstick and Zeus Marsh, best known as Grace and Zeus, were a young couple aged 19 and 20, respectively, who created a YouTube channel based on their relationship. With just over 500 000 subscribers on YouTube, the couple’s channel had attracted an audience that followed each update on their lives, as they documented their fun dates and took part in challenges together.

The seemingly happy couple announced their unexpected breakup in September 2020, claiming that when the camera was turned off, they no longer made each other happy. Grace and Zeus explained that their online personas were misleading, and as a young and successful couple, they faced challenges that their peers were not subjected to.

They clarified that there are no hard feelings between them, claiming that they have committed to building a strong friendship.