Why did Harper walk out of the ring?

Curtis Harper arguably gave a historical viral boxing moment after he walked out of the ring a second into the match, for allegedly being mistreated by the promoter.

To this day, Curtis Harper reportedly still regrets his most prolific boxing moment. In August 2018, Harper was meant to be in a boxing match against Nigerian heavyweight, Efe Ajagba. The odds were not in Harper’s favour, as Ajagba had better statistics than his opponent. Therefore, Harper already came into the match at a disadvantage.

At the time of the match, Harper’s statistics were 13-6, with nine knockouts and three defeats by knockouts. Moreover, in the four years before that match, he had only won one match since 2008, which was against Andrew Greeley. Moreover, it was later revealed that Harper had eye problems which should have prohibited him from stepping into the boxing ring a long time ago.

Ajagba, on the other hand, was already favoured to win, purely based on his statistics walking into the match. At the time, Ajagba had five knockout victories in five fights under his belt. Four of the victories mentioned were knockouts which happened during the first round. Moreover, the match was set to be aired on FS1 and Fox Deportes, with Warriors Boxing and TGB Promotions as co-promoters. However, following the first ring of the bell, Harper turned around and walked out of the ring to never return.

While it was believed that it was fear that had the boxer walking out of the match, it was later revealed that it was the mistreatment that Harper and his wife, Sandra Rosenberg, allegedly received. According to Harper’s representatives, “What happened here was, on August 12, Curtis was given a contract to fight Ajagba for $6,000. He specifically asked the person who gave him the contract whether the fight would be on TV and was told no. He signed the contract on Aug 13 and sent it back that day.

“After that, he was treated like garbage. He and his wife didn’t get their plane tickets until Aug 22 [the day of their flight]. They flew into Minneapolis and waited at the airport for an hour and 45 minutes before they were picked up. Then, at the weigh-in on Thursday, Curtis learned that, contrary to what he’d been told before, his fight was going to be on TV and he still hadn’t been given a countersigned contract. So he wanted more money.”