Why did Itachi kill the Uchiha clan?

Itachi’s decision to kill the Uchiha clan is still noted as one of Naruto’s biggest plot twists, as he was on a journey to become a pacifist and eradicate all conflict from the world.

Itachi is a monumental character in the Japanese anime series, Naruto, who sparked a major plot twist in episode 455 of the long-running Manga production. Itachi was born a powerful ninja who was praised for being amongst the most powerful of his generation. In his younger years, he encountered numerous atrocities which led him on a path to become a pacifist, as he wanted to rid the world of all evil and conflict.

His founding clan, Uchiha, became suspicious to the village members, as they believed that the clan was planning a revolt. Upon returning from his travels, Itachi began spying on his clan for his adviser, Danzo, who had promised to help him stop them from initiating violence in the village. Due to Danzo’s manipulation and persuasiveness, Itachi believed that he was encouraging peace through his plan and actions, as he was told that if left unchecked, the Uchiha clan would incite another war. Ultimately, Danzo played on Itachi’s trauma and naivete to manipulate him into killing the Uchiha clan.