Why did Jack and Gab break up?

Jack and Gab surprised their fans when they announced their final breakup in 2020, however, they did not divulge the real reason for their relationship’s demise at the time.

Jack Brinkman and Gabrielle Moses were one of YouTube’s most followed couples because of their channel, Jack and Gab. The channel featured the two participating in activities and sharing vlogs about their everyday lives. In March 2020, the two published a video announcing that they had broken up.

At the time, the two did not provide a reason for their breakup, but suggested that they needed to figure out who they were outside of their relationship. The two then decided to get back together to give it another try. However, that did not last long because in June 2020, they had starting creating videos that were published on their individual YouTube channels, and confirmed that they had broken up for good.

Jack has moved on with now YouTube co-star, Jaycee, and is producing similar content as before. Gabrielle also recently introduced her new boyfriend to her subscribers in October 2020.