Why did Julia Butters leave American Housewife?

Julia Butters portrayed the youngest of the three Otto children on American Housewife, Anna-Kat, and decided to leave in season four to explore other career opportunities.

Julia Butters joined the ABC comedy series, American Housewife, in the first season which premiered in 2016. The child actress took on the role of Anna-Kat, the unique and curious youngest daughter of the Otto family who was a much-loved character on the show. In October 2020, at the beginning of season five, it was announced that Julia had been replaced by Giselle Eisenberg, who would be assuming the role of Anna-Kat going forward.

According to Deadline, Julia decided to break away from being a television actress to pursue opportunities in film, after she garnered major attention in Quentin Tarantino’s 2019 movie, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. Her role in the movie saw her being nominated for numerous awards, which opened up many doors for her in the entertainment industry. Producers on American Housewife acknowledged her decision to leave the show, and were happy to see her go on to become greatly successful in the film industry.