Why did Karin and Skyler break up?

YouTube’s popular lesbian couple, Karin and Skyler broke up and never revealed why, with the last video on their channel being the two moving homes.

One of the most popular lesbian couples on YouTube was arguably Karin DeStilo and Skyler Felt. The two are behind the YouTube channel, Karin & Skyler. The YouTube channel was initially started by DeStilo in 2013. At the time, DeStilo would share content which was derived from her Tumblr account. Moreover, she would share videos on her experience as a lesbian. Her last individual video was in 2016, before she took a hiatus from the channel.

DeStilo then returned to YouTube in 2017, in a video which was meant to introduce her then new girlfriend, Felt. The couple’s first video was a Girlfriend Tag video, as they shared their experiences as part of the LGBTQI+ community. Thereafter, the channel focused on the couple sharing their growing pains with their subscribers.

The channel’s description then changed to, “Welcome to our channel. Hopefully our videos make you laugh and keep you positive! We upload two videos every week. Wednesday and Sunday! So make sure you like, comment, and don’t forget to subscribe! We hope you follow along our channel as we continue to make new, original content for you guys.”

For four years, the couple grew the subscription numbers on YouTube to over 1.03 million. They took sporadic breaks which inflamed suggestions of them possibly having broken up. However, they would then return to counter the suggestions by showing a united front. Their last video on the channel was uploaded in July 2021, showcasing them moving into their new loft.

The video would be their last one together, as the two deleted images of each other on their Instagram pages. Moreover, in September 2021, DeStilo seemingly confirmed their breakup after she posted an image of her new girlfriend, captioning it, “Okay, but this is happiness.” Felt, on the other hand, has not publicly moved on, as she has not shared anything suggesting that she is dating someone new.

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