Why did Karina decide to cut her hair?

Popular YouTuber, Karina Kurzawa shocked fans when she shaved her long blonde hair off, claiming that she thought she would “look cool with a shaved head.”

Fourteen-year-old Karina Kurzawa is known by several usernames on social media, including GamerGirl and KarinaOMG.

In November 2015, she started her first YouTube channel, which she uses for personal vlogging, makeup, shopping and do-it-yourself content.

She also has a channel exclusively for gaming, where she mostly publishes Roblox and Minecraft-related content.

In March 2016, Karina and her brother, 12-year-old Ronald, began collaborating on a combined channel called SIS vs BRO. The Canadian siblings have become quite popular over the years, as their channel currently has over 14 million subscribers.

On 8 November 2020, Karina took to Instagram to share a photo of her with a shaved head. Her fans were shocked by her decision, and she received a lot of unkind comments.

One fan stated, “You would be gorgeous if your eyebrows were filled in and hair was the long, beautiful blonde I used to know.”

Despite all the negative comments, there were some fans who accepted her new hairstyle. However, the photo fueled multiple rumours, claiming that Karina had been diagnosed with cancer.

Shortly after Karina shared the photo, the siblings posted a video on their joint channel, titled “Why Karina shaved her head and transforming her into Kylie Jenner!”

The video currently has over 10 million views, as their fans were curious to know why Karina shaved her head, and if she really had cancer.

In the video, Ronald and Karina are seen standing in their house conducting an “interview.” Ronald asks the question everyone was wondering, “Karina, why did you shave your head?”

In reponse, Karina simply stated that she wanted to. She added, “I just thought that I will look cool with a shaved head, so I did it.”

She confirmed that her decision to shave her head was not due to any illness, but the decision was because of her free-spirited personality.

Karina also admitted that her parents were speechless when they first saw her without her long blonde hair.

Ronald also added that he was also shocked, stating that he thought it was only a Halloween costume. Karina Kurzawa also stated, “I like my hair a lot. I think its super cool.”