Why did Karina Kurzawa shave her head?

Karina Kurzawa spontaneously decided to shave her head in November 2020, without any explanation, leaving fans concerned that she may have been diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Karina Kurzawa surprised fans in November 2020 with a drastic transformation. In an Instagram post, the YouTuber shared an image of her new buzz cut, as opposed to her usual shoulder-length hair.

The 13-year-old media personality simply captioned the post, “Didn’t have to brush my hair today,” without giving any other explanation as to why she had chosen to shave her hair.

The public figure’s decision to not elaborate on her transformation sparked discussion in the comments section, as some speculated that she had been diagnosed with cancer and was undergoing chemotherapy.

Many of her fans began offering their sympathies, whilst others appealed for the YouTuber to comment on the situation, so that the rumours could be laid to rest.

Eventually, on Monday, 21 December 2020, Karina and her brother, Ronald, released a YouTube video on their collaborative channel, SIS vs BRO, which saw them addressing the speculation.

Ronald acknowledged that their fans were curious about why his sister had chosen to shave her head, and allowed Karina to explain that it was simply because she wanted to.

Karina Kurzawa stated that the decision was spontaneous, and that she had woken up one day with the idea and had decided to go for it.

She stated, “I just thought I would look cooler with a shaved head and I just shaved my head. So, I took craft scissors and I cut my hair off. It was pretty uneven, but it has been a month now so it looks more even. My parents were pretty speechless and Ronald thought it was a Halloween costume.”

Ronald claimed that he was convinced that she was pranking him, due to the fact that she had not spoken about it prior and it was just before Halloween.