Why did Kart Kingdom shut down?

Kart Kingdom was an online multi-player game that was shut down in October 2020, without much explanation other than that it would be ceasing operations five years after its launch.

Kart Kingdom was an online game that was launched in 2015 by PBS Kids.

The game allowed for users to build and customize their own cars, before going on adventures and quests to unlock prizes and challenges.

The game also adopted a multi-players format, however, the safety of players always remained at the forefront.

Parents were assured that children would only work with multi-players using pre-written messages to prevent them from having direct conversations with unknown people.

In September 2020, Kart Kingdom announced that after five years, it would be shutting down.

Before the game went offline, players were able to take a snapshot of their character and print it out as a souvenir.

Fans were also able to share their favourite Kart Kingdom memories on the game’s official site and enjoy a virtual farewell party.

The reason for Kart Kingdom’s closure has not been explicitly stated, however, some fans believe that the company was one of those affected by the financial implications of COVID-19.