Why did Kate Yup stop posting?

There are many theories about why Kate Yup is no longer posting videos on her YouTube channel, ranging from kidnapping allegations to simple publicity stunts.

Kate Yup’s YouTube channel became popular for the type of content she posted and the mysteries surrounding the content.

When she stopped posting videos after the latest one in 2019, theories ranging from kidnapping and murder to publicity stunts started circulating on the internet.

Who is Kate Yup?

Kate Yup’s YouTube channel was created on 11 March 2018. On this channel, a woman, presumably Kate, eats various types of seafood in what is known as “mukbang”-style videos.

This style of video is known for showing people eating massive amounts of food, with several ASMR aspects involved, which attracts large audiences.

In the case of Kate Yup’s channel, these videos attracted over 1.3 million subscribers, and all of the videos on the channel got well over a million views each.

Why did Kate Yup stop posting?

However, even with the quick growth of her channel and the popularity of the videos, the most recent video, titled “COOKING BRAIN IN WAFFLE IRON AND EAT IT ! + INFORMATIONS ABOUT ME” was uploaded to the channel quite a while back, on 25 October 2019.

No videos have been posted on this channel since then and this has caused concern amongst many viewers and subscribers about what may have happened to Kate.

It is unclear why Kate stopped posting, but even before the lack of content, the Kate Yup channel was already shrouded in mystery and viewers’ concerns.

Although it is not outside of the norm for “mukbang” content creators to not show their faces or speak much during mukbang videos, viewers of the Kate Yup channel grew suspicious about some of the unusual elements in her videos.

Some of these include bruises on Kate’s arms, the fact that she was seemingly wearing a blindfold for the duration of most of the videos, and many more oddities.

These concerns were only heightened when she stopped posting videos on the channel. Many viewers interpreted this as a negative sign and as confirmation that some of the theories about the odd content were correct.

Other viewers have been quick to point out that none of these theories have been proven true and that these strange occurrences may all just be a means of gaining publicity for the channel.

Why people think Kate Yup may be being held captive

Most viewers noticed a shift in terms of the oddity of videos that Kate Yup posted to the channel around June in 2019.

Around this time, viewers started speculating that Kate was being held captive, because of the continual bruising on her arms and lip, multiple instances of her teeth falling out during videos, purported code messages, and what some believed was whispering male voices giving her instructions in the background of some of her videos.

In this case, many viewers worried that when videos were no longer being uploaded on the channel, it meant that something bad had happened to Kate.

However, other viewers were quick to point out that, albeit in broken English, Kate dispelled kidnapping rumours multiple times, and she was always dressed neatly, had her nails done, and had a neat appearance in all of her videos.

This, according to these viewers, would not be the case if she were really being held captive.

Other theories surrounding the Kate Yup channel

Though the kidnapping rumours regarding the Kate Yup channel may be extreme, the fact that Kate never showed her face and mainly used captions to communicate during her videos has meant that people have developed many theories about what may have happened that caused her to stop posting videos.

One such theory is that Kate may be UFC fighter Joanna Jędrzejczyk, who would have similar bruises because of her profession.

Fans theorise that the fighter stopped uploading in fear that she would be exposed as the woman behind the Kate Yup channel or that she simply became too busy to continue filming and posting.

There were also theories that police had discovered Kate’s body, but these were quickly disproved.

Theories that this may all be a publicity stunt

Other people have speculated that it is possible that Kate Yup is simply a girl who created a YouTube channel and happened to have some bruising on her arms and that when these theories started garnering public attention, Kate knowingly played into this narrative to gain publicity from concerned viewers.

In this case, the lack of new content may also be a publicity stunt, or it may just be that Kate no longer wants to post to the channel.