Why did L For Lee go to jail?

L For Lee is a well-known gaming YouTuber who was charged with sexual misconduct at the age of 16, and was subsequently dubbed “The Pants Pervert”.

L For Lee is a Scottish YouTuber whose real name is Lee Carson. The 22-year-old online personality first gained popularity as a Minecraft player who was popular for appearing as one of fellow YouTuber, Stampy’s friends and helpers in Stampy’s Lovely World. This led to him becoming one of the most influential helpers in that series, ultimately contributing to Stampy’s rise to prominence and the success of their partnership.

Prior to his popularity on YouTube, Lee was known for a series of allegations about him in his hometown of Irvine, Scotland, which caused for residents to refer to him as “The Pants Pervert”. This was as a result of a string of accusations made against him by women who claimed that he had acted extremely inappropriately, making them fear for their safety.

One incident, in particular, saw Lee allegedly reaching out to an elder woman under the alias Michael Duffy, claiming that he was extremely attracted to her and wanted to conduct sexual acts on her. According to reports, she grew concerned as the messages became more explicit, until one day, he instructed her to find a pair of his underwear at a specific place in her house. To her surprise, she found the piece of clothing in the place he had indicated, meaning that he had entered her house without her knowledge.

After contacting the police, it was determined through DNA sampling that the underwear belonged to Lee. According to an August 2015 article form The Mirror, Sheriff Foran initially deferred the sentence and called for a criminal justice social work report and a risk assessment. Ultimately, it was determined that he would avoid jail, and that Lee would be placed on a sexual offences prevention order. This severely restricted his access to computer technology and the internet, whilst barring him from any unsupervised contact with anyone under the age of 16.