Why did Laverne shoot the mayor?

The Chi fans were shocked after Laverne returned to the city to shoot Mayor Douda, as he was responsible for the deaths of multiple young Black boys in Chicago.

The Chi is a drama television series described as a fateful turn of events that sends shockwaves through a community on the Southside of Chicago, as it connects the lives of four locals. It features Emmett, played by Jacob Latimore; Brandon, played by Jason Mitchell; Kevin, played by Alex R. Hibbert; and Ronnie, played by Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine.

In season four, fans witnessed Mayor Douda, played by Curtiss Cook, getting shot by Brandon and Coogie’s mother, Laverne Johnson, played by Sonja Sohn. This came as a shock to fans, as Laverne had not been seen on the show since the season three premiere. Showrunner, Justin Hillian expressed that the character’s long absence from the show was one of the biggest reasons that the writers chose her to shoot Douda.

According to TV Line, Hillian stated that they went through a lot of different scenarios, but it just came down to what would be the most emotional and what would be the thing that would really push Douda’s character forward. He also stated, “There were other things that felt splashy, or with people that are more germane of this particular season, but it was what will be really motivated and will make sense. What will be surprising, but will also give Douda a lot to think about moving forward.”

The show’s producers chose Laverne to shoot Douda upon her return to the city for revenge. She sought out the person who was responsible for the multiple deaths of young Black boys in Chicago.

The shooting caused Douda to be a little more introspective. Hillian stated, “He is not a good guy at all, but after the shooting, he is doing better and he is doing some of the right things.” The showrunner also admitted that they really wanted to put Douda at a crossroad, where he was forced to make a decision on whether to change or to remain the person who had hurt a lot of people.