Why did LazarBeam quit Fortnite?

LazarBeam is a well-known YouTuber and gaming enthusiast who recently announced that he would no longer be playing Fortnite, after being defeated in a competition.

Lannan ‘LazarBeam’ Eacott is an Australian YouTuber who has garnered well over 17 million subscribers on the platform. He is most well-known for livestreaming many of his games for his millions of viewers, including those of him playing Fortnite. LazarBeam’s gaming skills were praised by the millions of fans who rooted for him during every game he streamed.

In early January 2021, it appeared as though the gaming superstar had had enough of Fortnite in particular, after losing in a tournament. LazarBeam was playing a Battle Royale match when he was shot down at the fifth position in the game. This caused for him to spontaneously quit Fortnite in a fit of rage.

The gamer was heard repeatedly stating that he had quit and explaining that he would no longer be playing the game. Fans were confused about whether his outburst was legitimate or in the moment, which is why after he quit the game, LazarBeam clarified that he would be deleting and uninstalling the application and would not be a part of Fortnite anymore. He stated, “I just uninstalled Fortnite. I just uninstalled it. I am done, I am done. Rough day, rough day. I think I’m quitting forever. I think I’ve actually quit Fortnite forever. I have quit. I am done.”

Since leaving the game, he has been focusing on partaking in other games, such as Among Us, Galactus and Minecraft. He has also remained relatively quiet on social media and has continued to post videos every week according to his weekly schedule. He has not made any mention of Fortnite on any of his platforms, and has not publicly addressed his quitting since the original video.