Why did Lu leave Elite?

Danna Paola decided to leave the Netflix series, Elite, to fully focus on her music career, as she recently released her sixth album.

Elite has returned for its fourth season, and looking back at the dramatic events of the last season’s finale, fans have a lot to look forward to. There are, however, multiple members of the original cast who will not be appearing in the new season, but there is also a slate of new characters arriving to cause even more drama.

Danna Paola portrayed Lucrecia “Lu” Montesinos Hendrich, a strong-witted, manipulative and competitive character. Much to fans’ surprise, Paola decided not to return to Elite for the fourth season. The last time fans saw Lu, she was making her way to New York City with Nadia to meet her after her fatal error that caused the death of one of her friends. If she decided to return to Las Encinas, she would face the consequences and guilt of her mistake, which could compromise her future. Despite being an essential character on the show, Lu’s story came to an end after three seasons.

While Paola starred in Elite, her music career was more of a side project. However, since her departure from Elite, she has decided to pursue her music full time. She released her sixth studio album, K.O. (Knock Out), early in January 2021. Paola has also revealed that this is the production where she unloaded all of her emotions.

According to Danna, Calla Tú, one of the singles on the album, is a declaration against the violence that some women suffer every day. In the album, Danna also expresses how she feels without the restrictions of a toxic relationship in T.A.C.O and Justified.

The singer uses music to describe her feelings about circumstances that affect her both positively and negatively. In Sola, Danna reveals that being alone is not a problem for her, and it is likely the best song on the album. Paola also has a YouTube channel that currently has 4  800 000 subscribers, with the latest video boasting over 2 756 222 views.