Why did Luca betray Alberto?

Pixar movie, Luca, features two sea monsters finding their way on land, until Luca betrays his friend out of fear to reveal who he really is.

Disney and Pixar’s original feature film, Luca, is set in a beautiful little town on the Italian Riviera. Luca is a coming-of-age story about a young boy who experiences a memorable summer filled with pasta, gelato and scooter rides. Luca, voiced by Jacob Tremblay, shares these moments with his new friend, Alberto, voiced by Jack Dylan Grazer. However, their fun is soon jeopardized by a secret – the boys are sea monsters from another world just below the surface, but they are able to transform once on land.

When Luca meets Alberto, they immediately become best friends as they have a lot in common. For instance, both of their parents are not there for them in the way they want them to be. Luca seems to be running away from his mother, while Alberto hides the truth about his father.

The two meet Giulia, a local girl who lives in the town of Portorosso. Luca starts to dream of remaining on land with Giulia to gain more knowledge about the world above, but Alberto tries to show Luca that humans could never like them because they are really sea monsters. Out of jealousy, Alberto transforms back to his original form, knowing what the townspeople would do if they found out the truth. Luca turns on his friend, evidently breaking Alberto’s heart.

When Alberto reveals who he really is, this makes Luca panic, as he was not ready for his friends to find out and did not want them to see him as a threat. He also learned a lot about this new world, and he was enjoying the freedom that came with being away from his parents. So, this way, Luca thought that if the townspeople were going after Alberto, he could continue to live there, unbothered.

His betrayal of his friend was difficult to watch, as he encouraged the townspeople to go after Alberto. Later in the film, Luca apologizes to Alberto. Although he accepted the apology, it did cause a crack in their friendship.

As the film concludes, Luca is seen going to school with Giulia to learn more about the world. Despite initially fearing revealing his true form, he eventually shows his fellow classmates who he really is. Luca and Alberto’s friendship seems to have recovered after the betrayal, as they are seen writing regular letters to each other.