Why did Megan Dodds leave Not Going Out?

Megan Dodds is a British-American actress who is known for her role on BBC One’s Not Going Out, where she appeared for one season before being written out of the storyline.

Megan Dodds is a veteran actress who has appeared in multiple sitcoms and drama series throughout her career. Her claim to fame was when she joined the cast of BBC One’s Not Going Out, where she assumed the role of Kate.

The series focused on Lee Mack, who plays a fictional version of himself, who had an infatuation with his landlady, Kate.

Megan’s portrayal of Kate saw her as Lee’s feisty American landlady, whom he frequently had conflict with. This led to the establishing a close-knit bond.

Whilst Kate was a prominent character on the show, the writers decided to move on with the storyline and have Kate return to the United States of America, subsequently meaning that Megan was written out of the storyline.

Fans were surprised by Megan’s sudden departure and wondered how Not Going Out would continue without her.

According to a 2008 article from Comedy UK, one of the writers had reportedly felt that there was no connection between Megan and Lee, which meant that the storyline of Lee having a love interest was meaningless.

This called for them to find another woman to take the place of Megan, with the role ultimately going to Sally Bretton as Lucy.

Megan was gracious about her time on the series, and was understanding about the writers’ decision to go in a different direction.

Upon returning to the US, Megan took on roles in hit series such as House and CSI: NY.

It is unclear what the actress’ most recent roles have been, as she has chosen to stay off social media since October 2019. It is speculated that she has taken time off to spend with her husband, Oliver Pearce, and daughter, Isabella.