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Why did Mikey Eyebrows quit Tough As Nails?

Mikey Eyebrows was introduced in the second season of Tough As Nails, however, between the second and third episode, he opted to leave the competition without providing an explanation.

Mikey Eyebrows appeared on the second season of CBS’ Tough As Nails, which premiered on Thursday, 11 February 2021. The first episode introduced viewers to the castmates, which included Mikey Eyebrows from Staten Island, New York. The 43-year-old bricklayer explained that he had joined the competition to provide a better future for his four children and wife. He shared that they were living in a two-bedroom apartment and emotionally pledged to doing all that he could in order to win a new house for his family.

Along with his bad boy persona, Mikey was noticed for his perfectly shaped eyebrows, which led to the nickname, Mikey Eyebrows. During the first episode, Mikey made an impact as a strongheaded bricklayer who was extremely emotional when it came to his family. This led to him acting impulsively during one of the challenges, putting a target on his back by the rest of the contestants.

However, his time on the show was short-lived. At the beginning of the third episode, host, Phil Keoghan, announced that Mikey had left the show as he needed to return home immediately. Neither Phil nor the production elaborated on the reason for Mikey’s departure, leaving viewers to speculate that there might have been a family emergency.

Due to the restrictions imposed on productions because of the coronavirus pandemic, Mikey will not be returning to Tough As Nails because he would have broken quarantine rules by venturing outside of the production bubble. In order for him to return to the competition, he would need to undergo two weeks of quarantine again, which would put him too far back in the competition.


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