Why did MrBeast fire Marcus?

Though Marcus’ dismissal from MrBeast has never been explained, it is believed that the reason for his dismissal was his alleged drug use.

MrBeast is one of the most-viewed and watched YouTubers in the world. His channel consists of videos which feature him doing some of the most outlandish pranks and stunts.

MrBeast does these videos with the help of friends which he has hired as part of his on-screen crew. One of the most memorable former members of the crew is Marcus Pearson.

Pearson featured heavily on the channel, which was mostly for the challenges set on the channel.

His first appearance was in 2019. Moreover, Pearson was the only person of colour in the crew who featured in front of the camera.

In 2020, MrBeast revealed that Pearson was no longer part of the crew. Basically, the statement served as confirmation that Pearson was fired. However, the reason for the dismissal was not provided.

Following the announcement, Pearson hosted an Instagram live session in which he addressed his dismissal. In the video, the former YouTuber suggested that the reason for his dismissal was race.

Moreover, he also made outlandish statements during the live session that suggested that MrBeast created the coronavirus.

Due to his statements and what many took as manic behaviour, it is believed that Pearson was fired due to his alleged heavy drug use.

Subsequent to his firing, Pearson became less present on his social media. His last video was the awkward TikTok video from September 2021, which sees him dancing in front of the camera.

In the video, he does not speak, but dances as the comments attempt to continue speculating on the reason for his dismissal, which he did not address.