Why did Nicole Arcy leave Dr Pol?

Dr Nicole Arcy is one of the vets on National Geographic’s The Incredible Dr Pol, who is still currently working at his Michigan-based clinic.

Dr. Nicole Arcy has unquestionably garnered a strong fan following on National Geographic’s The Incredible Dr. Pol, which is currently in its 24th season.

The show chronicles the journey of the renowned veterinarian, Dr. Pol, and his team of animal doctors as they travel throughout rural Michigan, providing expert care to every family pet and head of livestock in need.

All about Dr Nicole Arcy

Upon joining Pol Veterinary Services in 2018, she quickly became an integral team member, earning widespread acclaim from fans of the show for her enduring enthusiasm and dedication to animal care, showcasing both her veterinary expertise and unwavering passion.

With the series focusing on specific cases each week, viewers suspected that Nicole was no longer on the show as the more recent episodes spotlighted Dr Brenda and Dr Emily.

Nicole has confirmed via her Instagram page that she is still very much a part of the team, and continues to feature on the show.

She consistently keeps her followers updated and entertained with various pictures, whether it’s documenting treatments for dogs, cats, chickens, or simply celebrating special occasions like Animal Day, Cat Day, Dog Day, and more.

Who is Dr. Pol?

With over 50 years of veterinary experience, Dr. Pol is a pioneering figure in animal treatment, renowned as the charismatic star of Nat Geo WILD’s top-rated series, The Incredible Dr. Pol, showcasing his daily 14-hour workdays caring for both pets and livestock.

Dr. Pol specializes in treating a diverse range of animals, from cats and dogs to horses, pigs, cows, sheep, alpacas, goats, chickens, and even the occasional reindeer.

He advocates for children growing up with pets, as he believes “pet ownership makes children responsible adults.”

The Incredible Pol Farm: The spin-off

The Incredible Pol Farm, a spin-off of the long-running series The Incredible Dr. Pol, depicts three generations of Dr. Pol’s family working together to transform 350 acres of undeveloped land into a fully operational family farm, with Dr. Pol unveiling his own background in farming.

The series made its debut on January 6, 2024, on Nat Geo Wild, but you can watch the entire season on Disney+ and Hulu for a binge-worthy experience.