Why did One On One get cancelled?

One On One was a highly successful comedy series on UPN in the early 2000s, which was cancelled after five seasons due to the network’s new content direction.

One On One premiered in 2001 and centred around a pre-teen girl, Briana Barnes, and her young father, Flex Washington, as they navigated the challenges of growing up together. The series was targeted at a predominantly African American audience, and was one of the few comedy series on the network that did so. The subject matters and storylines of the show proved quite popular amongst viewers, making it very successful throughout its run.

In 2006, prior to the airing of its sixth season, UPN experienced management changes, with the WB and UPN merging to form what is now known as The CW. This meant that the channel branched out to incorporate shows for a much wider and varied audience, outside of the Black community. The cast and crew of One On One believed that the integrity of the show would be compromised if changes had to be made to its sixth season, which led to the decision to end the series after season five.